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2022 Recap

Well, 2022 is over, and I haven’t posted on this thing for the last half of it.

I think a good goal for 2023 is to write more on this blog, and in general.

But 2022 was a great year for me and my books, so I wanted to write a quick recap of what’s been going on.


I completed my Goodreads goal of reading 25 books this year, even if I had to read 5 of those books in the past 3 weeks (whoops). I’ve been trying to read more, despite working full-time and applying to nine different law schools, and the Goodreads goal was good for that.

Favorite book of 2022: ‘Book Lovers’ by Emily Henry. Seeing the career-focused woman get the guy without sacrificing her dreams was so refreshing and definitely made me cry a lot.

Least favorite book of 2022: ‘A Simple Favor’ by Darcy Bell. The writing was terrible, incest was just kind of chilling there, and there were no likable characters for me to root for. Not a fan at all.

Goodreads goal 2023: Since I barely made it to my 2022 goal of 25 books, I’m going to keep it there for 2023—so 25 books, and hopefully I’ll be able to exceed that this upcoming year!


2022 started off with a bang when Lost, the third and final book in the Three’s Company trilogy, was published on January 8. Along with Lost, all three of the Three’s Company books were released in hardcover form, which was a first for my books and something I am over the moon about.

The Terrible Trial of Kennedy Abrams was finished on Wattpad, and in November, it won a Watty Award—my second time winning the award and the first time in six years! The third book in the Treadmill world, Proven Guilty, began updates on Wattpad.

Sam & Farah, a three-part novel chronicling the possibilities of one relationship going in two different directions, also began regular uploads (as regular as I can manage) on Wattpad.

Writing stats:

Number of books started: 3

Number of books finished: 1

2023 writing goals:

  • Finish writing Proven Guilty

  • Finish writing Sam & Farah

  • Begin writing 2 new books

  • Start on the 2nd draft of Recalling Lincoln Carter

Annnnnnd I think that’s a wrap! 2022 has been a ridiculously busy year, but it has also been full of exciting opportunities that I am so grateful for. Here’s to 2023 and all of the surprises it will undoubtedly bring!

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