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3 Years Ago Today...

Happy three-year anniversary to the publication of Dear Sydney. This book made me come back to Wattpad, to writing, to reignited my love for writing. It's caused some annoyances along the way...comments of 'It's not a REAL book' were somewhat frequent when I first published it, after nine long months of editing it and making it the absolute best it could be. But the support was overwhelming, and I will forever be grateful for everyone who has read the book, given me feedback on it, and boosted it up to the over-three-million-reads-and-Watty-award-winning book that it is today. It led to the spin-off Love, Aria and ensuing sequel To Whom It May Concern, two of my favorite books I've worked on as well.

It's kind of insane that it's been three years since Dear Sydney was published in print, since that means it's been almost four years since I began writing the book in the first place. This is a short blog post, but I just wanted to write something about the book that helped me find my love for writing again, and led to pretty much every other book that's come since it.

If you've read Dear Sydney, I hope you enjoyed it, and if you haven't...maybe give it a try?

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