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A Thousand Words

New Novel Alert!

So, November is National Novel Writing Month, and I'm trying to do it! I started a book called A Thousand Words and have started uploading it to Wattpad!

It's obviously a work in progress since November isn't over yet, but I wanted to start sharing to Wattpad so that I could maybe have something going on while Treadmill is on hiatus for the month.

Also, there will be a song included at the beginning of each chapter to listen to during the chapter if you so please. (and the song will be the external link to the chapter for the most part)

So, here's the summary!

Kiera Arlington has been in love with Taylor Walker since her freshman year of college. So, when she receives a screenshot from an unknown number on New Year's Day 2020 of Taylor Walker asking her out a year in the future, she doesn't exactly know what to do with it. But the pictures keep coming, and on New Year's Day 2021, Taylor Walker asks her out.

But the pictures become less inviting as the relationship presses on, until Kiera realizes they might mean that her perfect relationship with her perfect match will eventually come to an end. She is ready to do everything in her power to stop that from happening, but what if the future will come to pass no matter how we try to fix it? And what if our perfect relationships with our perfect matches are in fact the most toxic of all? A tale of love, loss, and finding yourself amidst terrible pain, 'A Thousand Words' asks if we are truly capable of changing the future to bend to our will, and if we could say that a picture is honestly worth a thousand words.

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