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Book Review: Book Lovers

Book Lovers by Emily Henry is probably in my top 5 favorite books. It follows Nora Stephens, a ruthless literary agent in New York City, as she takes a trip with her sister Libby to a little town in North Carolina that was also the location where a romance novel took place. But when they get to Sunshine Falls, the town isn't quite as quaint as the book made it out to be, and Nora finds herself living within walking distance of Charlie Lastra, a book editor she knows from New York and who she doesn't quite like.

Book Lovers had everything I love in a good romcom book. The quick back-and-forth between Nora and Libby made me laugh out loud, the grief and healing made me cry, and the love story made me wish I had a Charlie Lastra. Emily Henry does a phenomenal job of writing a strong female lead who is unapologetic about her goals and her career-driven life, but who also is able to find a guy and a relationship that fits into that life.

I appreciated Nora as a protagonist and thought that many of her points of view were very relatable to myself and other career-focused women I know and love. Book Lovers gets 5 stars from me, and I will definitely be reading it again whenever I doubt my own capabilities.

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