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Book Review: When

Taking a break from the romance book reviews, today we're discussing When by Victoria Laurie. It's a great YA thriller that definitely had me getting anxious about what was going to happen to literally every character.

My sister, Lauren, gave me this book for Christmas and it did not disappoint. When follows sixteen-year-old Maddie, who has always had the ability to see people's death dates on their foreheads. But she tells a woman the date her son is going to die, and when he's murdered, all the suspicion turns Maddie's way.

I thought that this book was incredibly captivating. The author has this great ability to make you doubt what you think you know about these characters, even the ones who seem so good, they couldn't possibly do anything wrong. There's a strong theme of friendship in When that also helps to give the book a bit of a break from the fast-paced, high-stakes action and mystery. As someone who is always trying to guess who the murderer is as far before its revealed as possible, I loved how many people's stories intertwined to make this book. It kept me on the edge of my seat until the very last page.

When gets 5/5 stars from me. (I know, I know, I give every book 5/5 stars...but they're all just so good.) YA thrillers are hard to get right, but this book does it super well.

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