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Chapter 3 of "Survival of the Fittest"

Chapter 3 of "Survival of the Fittest" is up now on Wattpad, but here's a look at the first few paragraphs!


Chapter Three | Michael

Wednesday morning brought the five together again in the school hallway during homeroom, ready for an update from Jordan on how everything went with the police station and if there was anything new to worry about. Since, for the five of them, there seemed to always be new things to worry about.

Michael walked into school with Mary, trying his hardest not to act suspicious or like he had anything to hide. He felt like he was forcing himself to act that way every day of his life at this point, but there was no getting around it: he had to be someone completely different than the football captain that the entire school knew and some of them loved. There was so much attention on him daily that he felt as if he were unable to have a moment of peace. Moments of peace were important when you were covering up murders and trying not to get kidnapped yourself.

Michael left his friends in the hallway and walked up to Mary, who was standing around with Jordan and Lindsey. The latter seemed to have replaced Kate as the third member of Mary's group, and Michael wasn't quite sure where the bubbly blonde had gone off too—most likely to join a group of friends who weren't constantly disappearing for days at a time.

Roland approached the foursome a few minutes later, head down and eyes moving nervously from side to side. Ever since he had discovered that his sister was alive and actively working against them, he hadn't been speaking much.

"I might just be paranoid, so don't take this too seriously." Mary addressed everyone else quietly, " you guys feel like people have been looking at you all morning? I feel like everywhere I turn, everyone is staring at me and then they look away when I notice them."

"I agree." Michael nodded in agreement with his sister, "I feel like everyone is staring at us and trying to pretend like they're not. It's like when you see someone with bright purple hair and you're trying not to look for too long even though it's kinda cool."

"They're not looking at us like they think we're 'cool,' Michael." Jordan rolled her eyes, "They're looking at us like we're lost puppies or something. They look like they're pitying us."


I hope you'll check out the rest of the chapter on Wattpad and let me know your thoughts!

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