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Current Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs

If you know me at all, you know that Taylor Swift is my favorite artist of all time. Artist of the Decade, dozens of awards to her name, and [Queen] of my heart. So, it's very difficult for me to pick one favorite song of hers, but right now I'm going to give you my current top ten TSwift songs, and my favorite line from each one.

(also, they are not in any particular order. Like I said, I can't pick one favorite.)

All Too Well (Red)

Favorite Line: "You call me up again just to break me like a promise; so casually cruel in the name of being honest."

Champagne Problems (Evermore)

Favorite Line: "One for the money, two for the show; I never was ready so I watch you go; sometimes you just don't know the answer till someone's on their knees and asks you."

The Other Side of the Door (Fearless, Taylor's Version)

Favorite Line: "With your face and the beautiful eyes; and the conversation with the little white lies; and the faded picture of a beautiful night, you carried me from your car up the stairs."

The Way I Loved You (Fearless, Taylor's Version)

Favorite Line: "I miss screaming and fighting and kissing in the rain, and it's 2 AM and I'm cursing your name."

Right Where You Left Me (Evermore Bonus Track)

Favorite Line: "Help, I'm still at the restaurant, still sitting in the corner I haunt."

Speak Now (Speak Now)

Favorite Line: "There's a silence, there's my last chance, I stand up with shaking hands, all eyes on me."

Exile (Folklore)

Favorite Line: "I can see you starin' honey, like he's just your understudy; like you'd get your knuckles bloody for me."

Evermore (Evermore)

Favorite Line: "And I was catching my breath staring out an open window catching my death; and I couldn't be sure, I had a feeling so peculiar that this pain would be for evermore."

Death By a Thousand Cuts (Lover - Live from Paris)

Favorite Line: "My heart, my hips, my body, my love; tryna find a part of me that you didn't touch."

Getaway Car (Reputation)

Favorite Line: "Don't pretend it's such a mystery; think about the place where you first met me."

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