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"Dear Sydney"...3?

Surprise! Dear Sydney is getting a third installment, this time focused on two of Sydney and Connor's kids. Cory and Erin Hall are a senior and junior in high school, respectively, and they're getting their own book: "Sincerely, Yours"! Check out the summary below, and then head over to my Wattpad to check out the Introduction and list of Cast/Characters before the first chapter goes up on Saturday!

"Cory and Erin Hall, sisters one year apart who switched back and forth between being best friends and worst enemies, would do anything for each other. Including stalking the other one's boyfriend to find out if he's cheating. When Cory's boyfriend catches Erin watching him on Cory's order, he ends their relationship and Cory is left heartbroken. She confides in her mother, who then confides in Cory's father, and the two try to help out by suggesting a new learning tool to their daughter's History teacher: a pen pal project. Cory's pen pal doesn't seem capable of having an interest in her, but Erin's might just. Through the pen pal project, tempers flare, relationships are tested, and an anonymous letter-writer manages to poke their way into the girls' lives. Follow along on the journey of two sisters who try their hardest to get through the school year without losing anyone close to them, and maybe with gaining a love...or two."

Let me know your thoughts and I hope you'll check out the Introduction now, and the first chapter on Saturday! I'm super excited to write this book and be back with some familiar characters whom I love! Plus, we're all quarantined, so...might as well!

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