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Editing to Query, New Book Ideas, & a Third Treadmill Installment

Happy End-of-February!

Per usual, I have no less than 800 projects going on where writing is concerned. I just finished my first round of edits on Treadmill, so I'm now adding all of those edits onto the digital manuscript. I'm tentatively aiming for a completed second draft to be done, and the actual querying process to start, by the end of April 2022.

Treadmill's sequel, The Terrible Trial of Kennedy Abrams, is getting close to the end on Wattpad! It's currently being updated once a week, and once it's done...there will be a third book! The third installment in the Treadmill world will hopefully begin updates a few weeks after The Terrible Trial of Kennedy Abrams concludes on Wattpad. I already have a title and possible cover, which always makes me excited about starting a new book.

A fantasy novel of mine, Intransigent, is currently being uploaded a chapter a week on Kindle Vella, which has been a fun platform to put my work on. If you've never used Kindle Vella before, you can get 200 coins for free to start reading!

January was quite the month for me and my books, and sometimes I can't believe it was only one month and not three. I published Lost, the final book of the Three's Company trilogy, while sick with COVID-19 on January 8th, and then the hardcover editions of all three Three's Company books were released on January 22nd. It's been so much fun to write, edit, and publish the series, but I'm also excited to be moving on to new things--which has been what February has been focused on!

My biggest takeaway from the past two months is that if you commit to something, you'll succeed in it. I've been trying to steer my mindset away from "all or nothing," and it's been so helpful in my writing, my physical health, and my mental health. If my goal was to write a chapter in one night and I ended up only getting half a page out, that was fine. The important thing was that I wrote something. And it's been so rewarding.

Let's hope that March continues the progress of the past two months!

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