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February Favorites

I wanted to bring back this part of my blog! Every month, I'm going to list and link my favorites in different categories, and hopefully you can find something new among the different recommendations!

Book: Becoming by Michelle Obama

I think everyone should read this book. It's inspiring, it's well-written, and it shows a great side of a woman who has been in the American spotlight for over a decade.

Movie: The American President

I just watched this movie with my roommate for the first time, and it's the cutest rom com ever. Plus, it has politics in it, so it's like my perfect combination.

TV Show: Bridgerton

The hype around this show is for a reason. It's so good, so addicting, and so interesting. The acting is great, and the romance is to die for.

Song: People I Don't Like by UPSAHL

Idk what to tell you man, this song has just been on repeat for me this week.

Artist: Taylor Swift (duh)

Taylor Swift is my absolute favorite, so no one should be surprised by this.

Wattpad Author: @skywarmth

To know Roseanne is to love her. She's a talented writer who deserves more recognition and is also a great friend.

Spotify Playlist: "not interested"

For when you want to forget that you were ever interested in a man.

Instagram Account: @indyblue_

The O.G. bad influencer herself. Indy Blue is one of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow, and I just love her authenticity. Plus, she has the cutest baby that has ever existed.

Makeup Product: NYX Vinyl Liquid Eyeliner

This is my staple makeup product, and has been for years. If you have trouble with liquid eyeliner, just buy this one--I promise, it'll change your life. And your wings.

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