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I Made a TikTok Account

Alright so on my personal TikTok account, I was starting to see a lot of videos from #booktok, and it inspired me to make a TikTok account specifically for my writing and books and reading and all that good stuff. So, after putting it off for a few weeks out of being embarrassed, I finally uploaded a video to the account, and the KPB TikTok is up and running!

I'm hoping to be able to become a part of #booktok and interact with more readers & authors through this platform, as well as find a new creative way to showcase both the books I write and the ones I read. My first video is just a little introduction to me as an author and to my currently published books, but I plan on also posting videos going through my editing process, showcasing new covers and new books, and reviewing books that I've read/I'm reading.

If anyone has experience with author TikToks, I'm all ears to tips and tricks to make it a little easier and a little more comfortable talking to a camera by myself--there's a reason I write and I don't make YouTube videos or vlog.

But, anyways. Check out @katherinepowellbooks on TikTok!

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