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I Wrote (Another) Book! it is!

I am so excited to announce the publication date for Restricted, the second novel in the Three's Company trilogy. I had a small hiccup with editing the book, which resulted in it being published later than originally anticipated, but that's all in the past!

Restricted will be available for purchase on Monday, June 1, 2020. It will be available for purchase in either print form or via Kindle, and is currently available for preorder on Kindle here.

The official summary of the book is below, and if you haven't checked out the first book Forbidden, feel free to do so on Amazon or on Wattpad! Also, be sure to check out my Instagram, @someshelfawareness, because once Restricted is published, I will most likely be doing a giveaway on Instagram!


"The new girl always seems to end up being one of the most popular girls in the school. And yet sometimes, she can remain as unnoticed and unimportant as ever.

Nova Desai enters Capital High School after moving in with her cousin, Felix, and his family. She is thrown into a new school with only her quiet, antisocial cousin as a friend, and her one shot at feeling normal is by participating in the school's musical, "Parks and Benches." Nova's talent lands her one of two lead roles--with revered basketball player Ethan Meek as her costar. But where Ethan goes, his gorgeous and seemingly perfect girlfriend Scarlet follows. Nova's developing crush has no way into his life--except through their newfound shared talent.

As the musical approaches and a jealous girlfriend grows ever more suspicious, the two begin to realize their undeniable chemistry. One may not be the most noticeable and one is constantly in the public eye, but they do say that opposites attract.

Restricted is the second book in the Three's Company trilogy, showcasing the lives of a different pair of Capital High School students than its former, all while continuing the frustrated and drama-filled experience that is finding love at a young age."


I hope you'll give the book a look on Amazon, and as always, a quick share of this link or of the Amazon link on social media is a HUGE help (and it's free!) and is always appreciated!

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