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Killer Instinct's Sequel is Here!

After many comments about how I am a terrible person for leaving Killer Instinct on a cliffhanger without a promise for a sequel, I've caved and started uploading Survival of the Fittest to Wattpad, which is the direct sequel to Killer Instinct. I am so excited to be sharing this book with its Wattpad fans finally, since I've been planning it out for months and have finally cracked down and started writing it.

Survival of the Fittest picks up right where Killer Instinct left off, and picks it up from a new perspective. The kids are still being harassed and threatened, but honestly what else is new. Updates will be occurring every Friday, since I'm currently working 40+ hours a week and can't devote enough time to the story to have multiple updates throughout the week.

So yeah! I hope that if you've read Killer Instinct you'll take a look at Survival of the Fittest, and if you haven't read Killer Instinct well it. It's good, I think. It was at #1 on the Murder Mystery tag on Wattpad for months, so it must be at least a little decent.

If you want to go directly to Survival of the Fittest and check it out, just click here!

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