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'Lost' is Now Available for Preorder on Kindle

Exciting news!

Lost, the final book in the Three's Company trilogy, is coming out exactly one month from today, and as of today, the Kindle edition is available for preorder! Click here to check it out on Amazon.

You can read the summary of the book below, and I've also included links to the first two books--just in case you haven't read those yet.

Everyone is judged when they get back together with someone they've ended things with. But what if that one person was the one? Sasha Corrian and Caleb Halpon were Capital High School's power couple--both gorgeous, smart, athletic, and completely in love. Until an ugly summer split ended everything and both were left grasping at what their lives had been like before the end. Yet a new school year brings new changes, and when two people are so right for each other, they can't be kept away. As tentative new bonds are formed, the slightest shift could mean the end. And one of the two is always far more invested in the relationship than the other.

Check out Book I, Forbidden, here.

Check out Book II, Restricted, here.

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