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New Kindle Vella Book: 'Intransigent'

If you're not on Kindle Vella yet, you 100% should be.

Kindle Vella is a serialized reading experience, similar to Wattpad, where you read a chapter at a time as the author uploads it. I've had one of my books, Killer Instinct, up on Kindle Vella for a while, but now a brand-new book is exclusive to Kindle Vella: Intransigent!

Intransigent is about a powerful family inside of the kingdom of Aramoor, a kingdom full of different magical beings. The first part of the novel follows Hazelmere, the sister of the kingdom's current ruler and a Good sorceress hiding under the mask of Evil--to fit in with the current regime.

Click here to check it out on Kindle Vella, and if you've never used Kindle Vella before, you can get 200 coins for free right off the bat, and start reading right away!

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