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New Year's Resolutions

This is mostly a post for me to actually put my resolutions out there and stick to them. I want 2020 to be a year of growth, development, independence, and love (both for myself and for others) and I hope that my resolutions will help that happen. And who knows, maybe you'll see a resolution here that you think would help yourself as well.

I don't believe in making outlandish resolutions that just end up discouraging me, but instead like to try and make smaller resolutions that I can see myself accomplishing, while still pushing myself to be better than I currently am.

1. Take better care of my skin

I already have a pretty solid skincare routine in the morning and at night, but I want to help myself feel better about my skin by avoiding foods I know cause my breakouts and by drinking more water daily.

2. Write more consistently

I love writing (obviously) and I think that it's important for me to be able to write consistently instead of every now and then churning out 2,000 words in one sitting. I'm hoping to accomplish this goal by aiming to write at least 500 words a day, whether that's for a novel or for this blog.

3. Be healthier

I stopped wanting to lose weight a while ago, but I do want to be more conscientious of my lifestyle. I want to make it a priority to work out more regularly as well as eat healthier than I do now.

4. Focus on my goals

Being in a relationship for most of 2019 meant I put some (a lot) of my goals on the back burner to spend time with my previous significant other and help him more than myself. 2020 is not about that. 2020 is going to be about bettering myself through my own goals and aspirations and focusing on becoming a more productive, kind, well-rounded person. I want to publish my novels and grow this blog and do amazing at my internship. I want to get the best grades of my life and work hard and study for LSATs and do everything I possibly can to become a better version of myself. This is my favorite resolution that I have this year: focus on my goals. Focus on becoming better and achieving more.

So, yeah! These are my four main resolutions for this year, and the last one definitely encompasses a lot. But thanks for reading, and I hope your new year and your resolutions are all phenomenal, and that you find 2020 starts off a spectacular decade.

(Also? The picture that I made the cover for this post is a picture I took on the plane on my flight home for winter break and can we take a small second to acknowledge how beautiful the mountains are? One of my absolute favorite things about Utah.)

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