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November Favorites

It's the month of gratitude, so I'd like to show my gratitude for the following favorites!

TV Show: Will & Grace

This specifically applies to the reboot, since that's been my comfort show for the past month or so. It's funny, has lovable characters, and the reboot may or may not throw many a jab at a certain ex-president who I don't like very much. 👀

Movie: Grease Live

This is one of my current favorites because of Aaron Tveit, of course. He's been my celebrity crush for almost a decade and seeing him in anything makes my day 10x better automatically.

Song: evermore by Taylor Swift

It's such a good autumn song. Like come on, imagine curling up with a mug of hot apple cider while it rains outside, lighting a candle and listening to this song. Sounds like the definition of my happy place.

Playlist: tis the damn season, write this down

Speaking of perfect autumn songs, I put together this playlist specifically to feel like autumn. So if you want something to listen to on a rainy day with a pumpkin candle burning, this is the playlist for you.

Snack: Salt & Vinegar Pop Chips

They are so. good. Like, I could eat these for every meal for days on end.

Artist: Taylor Swift

This is obvious, because Red (Taylor's Version) is coming out on November 12th and I could not be more excited. 10-minute All Too Well? I'm going to stay in bed crying for at least a week after that one.

Book: Station Eleven

This was recommended to me by a friend, and so far I'm loving it! It's super well-written and is a little eerie to read during an actual pandemic, but I would highly recommend regardless.

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