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One Week Until 'Restricted'!

Happy Memorial Day, and happy One-Week-Until-Restricted-Comes-Out Day! I am SO excited for the book to come out, and to help get ready for the release, I created a website all about the Three's Company trilogy to serve as a little landing strip for everything related to the series. You can click here to head over to the website, and let me know your thoughts on it!

ALSO! Once Restricted is available for purchase on June 1, I'm going to be doing a giveaway for both of the books that are currently out, Forbidden and Restricted, so keep your eyes peeled on both this blog and on my Instagram, @someshelfawareness, to see when that happens!

In the meantime, I'm going to be posting character profiles and other little behind-the-scenes parts of the book and the publishing process over on the Three's Company website, so go check it out over there and keep an eye out for the different things that are going to be posted over the next week. In news about other books, Treadmill and Sincerely, Yours are still being updated on Wattpad regularly, so be sure to click here to check out my profile over there, and here to check out Treadmill and the entire, unedited Three's Company trilogy on Inkitt.

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