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Review: Korres Hydra-Biome Probiotic Superdose Face Mask

That's a mouthful.

This blog post is going to be a little bit different than my other ones: I was sent a complimentary skin mask by Korres from Influenster to try out and share my thoughts on, so I thought this would be a great place to do so. The Korres Hydra-Biome Face Mask is said to immediately relieve irritated skin and uses Greek yogurt to do it.

Now, I have terrible skin. I've had acne off and on since I was twelve, and I've gone through a ton of different products to try and fix that. For college, I moved out to Utah--an incredibly dry climate--from my hometown in Maryland, which is on the coast and always humid. Needless to say, my skin has been drier than usual in my college town.

Before I get into the review of this face mask, I just wanted to apologize to anyone reading my books on Wattpad for the lack of updates--I just worked a 70 hour work week and was only focused on working, eating, and sleeping for all of last week. But this week will be a normal upload week, so be sure to keep following Theories of Insanity and Survival of the Fittest.

So now let's dive into this review!

The face mask's container is something that is always important to me when buying skincare products, despite the fact that I get made fun of for it--it's aesthetically pleasing. It's 3.38 fluid ounces and retails at $49.00 at Sephora. Its directions say to "slather a super thick, creamy layer to clean, dry skin and leave on for 10-15 minutes. Rinse and pat dry to immediately see your skin soothed and balanced."

My initial reaction to the mask when I put it on was that it smelled great and felt great, but I felt like I needed to use a lot of the product to get the "super thick" layer that the directions called for, since the product itself isn't incredibly thick. But once it was on my face, I waited 15 minutes and then washed it off with a washcloth and warm water.

I was definitely skeptical of this mask at first. $49 for a face mask when I can get one from ULTA for $5? But I have to admit, I'm impressed. My skin feels incredibly soft and hydrated, and I had noticed dry patches just this morning that were starting to annoy me. They've completely disappeared.

My final opinion on this face mask is that it works incredibly well, but I honestly probably would not have bought it if it hadn't been sent to me for free. It's a great mask, but I'm sure if you looked you could find something of similar quality for far less. But if you have the money and you live in a dry place like I do...then I would definitely recommend.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review and the little deviation from my normal posts. Let me know what you thought and I'll be back with writing and author posts soon.

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