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The New & Improved Katherine Powell Books

Shelf Awareness had its run, but we're back to being Katherine Powell Books, just in time for the New Year...and with some new updates!

One, the logo. I'm in love with it.

Two, and the most exciting: I'M STARTING A WEEKLY NEWSLETTER! It's going go out every Sunday and will contain news about Wattpad updates, books coming out in print, blog posts, and extra things available only on the newsletter. AND, if you want to subscribe to my mailing list AND get to read the first four chapters of the print version of Forbidden for FREE, just click right here!

Three, I'm going to be uploading a blog post every other day. This is one of my goals for the new year, along with keeping up with my Wattpad schedule once I make one.

I'm so excited about the newsletter and hope to have more exciting things coming your way throughout the rest of 2021. Hopefully 2021 is an amazing year full of recovery, love, and success for all of you!!

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