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Theories of Insanity 10: New Chapter & New Thoughts

Chapter 10, "Stomp & Slam", is up now on Wattpad! You can check it out now by clicking here, or continue reading this post if you already read the chapter or just like spoilers.

I can remember this day so clearly it's insane. And to be honest, "Madison" did stuff like that all the time. She would stalk around the apartment, slamming things and making her presence very known, until someone asked her if she was alright. She didn't want to admit to being upset though, so...she lied and said everything was fine.

I also remember that How I Met Your Mother marathon with Ashley as being one of the best things I did that entire semester. We legit just laid on the couch and ate food and watched TV for the entire day. It was the most relaxing thing I think I've ever done besides maybe fall asleep on the beach.

Also, there's a new blog post not about Theories of Insanity being published on Saturday, so be sure to read that one as well.

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