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Theories of Insanity 7: New Chapter & New Thoughts

Since I'm currently uploading Theories of Insanity onto both Wattpad and Radish Fiction, I wanted to have a part of my blog that talked about my thoughts on the chapters as they go up. Some of these posts might be a few paragraphs and some might be a few pages, depending on the subject that the chapter covers and if I even want to discuss the events of the chapter.

If you haven't read Chapter 7 of Theories of Insanity yet, which is aptly titled simply "What", I would suggest clicking here and doing so before reading on.

If you're still reading, hey girl hey. This chapter was actually so much fun to write because it was completely and utterly true. Most of the book is, but this chapter specifically happened almost word for word. And in that floor meeting during my freshman year (almost two whole years, I realized that I had flown 2,000 miles and entered a completely different planet.

As I'm probably going to mention often in this blog, I'm a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I grew up in a very religious household and I still hold my church very close to my heart even after moving out of my hometown and on to college. Since I attend a religious college, I (rather naively) assumed that everyone would also have been raised similarly to myself, and that I would mesh with pretty much everyone on the religious opinion front.

This was so not the case. Not even close. And this chapter, this floor meeting during my first week at school, was the first time I really realized it. I watched as the people I lived with and the people around me moved around the room and voiced their opinions that seemed completely bizarre to me. It was also the first time that I realized I might have some real issues with one of my roommates, who I seemed to vehemently disagree with on fundamentally everything.

I think one of my favorite lines from this chapter is "Someone from the other side of the room let out a small gasp" when I voiced my thoughts on the fact that kissing a guy that you think is cute doesn't have to mean you're thinking about dating him. Because I totally remember that happening, and I remember being about .02 seconds away from laughing hysterically.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions and their beliefs when it comes to everything, from dating lives to religion to politics to beauty to...everything. But this day was the first time I started to realize that not everyone really agreed with me on that.

So I hope you enjoyed the chapter and will hopefully continue to read the book and this blog! Updates of Theories of Insanity occur on both Wattpad and Radish Fiction every Tuesday and Thursday, but the chapters are always a little ahead on Radish Fiction since it's not a free site and you should get something extra for paying for it. So check it out to continue (or start!) reading about the actual disaster that was my freshman year of college.

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