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Theories of Insanity 9: New Chapter & New Thoughts

Chapter 9 of Theories of Insanity is up now on Wattpad! Click here to check it out, or if you already have, then keep reading!

Fun fact: this was the first time in my life that someone had broken up with me. (all of my exes are singing this guy's praises, I'm sure) And I say this in the chapter, but I honestly had no idea how I would take it. I thought I would start crying on the spot or something, but I didn't. I was actually incredibly calm throughout the entire thing, to the point that it made the guy mad.

Ladies, if you have absolutely no feelings while a guy is dumping you, chances are, you're dodging a bullet. And guys, if a girl isn't emotional while you're dumping her...yelling at her to try and get her to be more emotional is kinda (really) douchey.

I actually loved writing this chapter, because for some odd reason I'm very proud of how I handled being broken up with. Is that cocky? Doesn't matter, it's how I felt. And this book is supposed to be just that: exactly how I felt throughout every one of the stories that happened.

I also wanted to quickly write about something else included in this chapter: the "insanity" part at the beginning. The "insanity" of this chapter was "Not believing the warning signs when they come." And can I just say, I don't think that there is a truer insanity in the entire book. (where guys are concerned, at least) It is so important to recognize the warning signs when they come, especially early on in a relationship. If there are major red flags, run in the opposite direction. Being infatuated should not land you in an unhealthy relationship.

Anyways, on that super uplifting note, I hope you enjoyed the chapter! Thanks for reading, and I'll be back with a new update on Thursday. (at which point I will be back in Utah and living my absolute best life)

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