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Love, Aria

The story of a young woman who learns the trials of relationships the hard way.

Long-distance relationships are often met with rolling of the eyes and the sympathetic "Hope it works out!" response. Yet after seeing her older brother Connor make it work with his long-time girlfriend, Aria Hall thought that she too could make it.

Brenden Sarth didn't understand what Aria did. He didn't know how to make it work. And he screwed it up. For both of them. Now, he'll do everything he can to win Aria back, but he might not be enough. And when you live 3,000 miles apart, it's hard to force someone to talk to you.

Written completely in text messages, social media posts, and letters between two ex-lovers, "Love, Aria" takes the dynamic of a long-distance relationship from "Dear Sydney" and brings it to a new level of depth and intrigue. Using screenshots and emotional letters, this story, set two years after the end of "Dear Sydney", spins a tale of heartbreak, denial, and ultimately, love.

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