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Recalling Lincoln Carter

The story of a celebrity ex-boyfriend and how the past can come back to you.

Olivia White visited Los Angeles the summer before her freshman year of high school and met a teen heartthrob who fell for her. Hard. She left him when the summer ended and hasn't seen him since, his number blocked, his face forgotten.

Three years later, Olivia is a senior in high school and ready to be done with the people around her. Yet when Lincoln Carter decides to move into her town, Olivia panics--what if she's discovered? What if he remembers the girl who left him high and dry and never returned his calls?

Nevermind the fact that he doesn't even know her real name.

A story of lost love rekindled between two would-be strangers, "Recalling Lincoln Carter" takes away the cliche "pop-star-falls-for-disinterested-fan" storyline and replaces it with a fresh look at just how far lies can take us, and just how far we will go to keep those lies as a reality. Love can be lost, but it can also be recalled.

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