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The story of twin sisters with dangerous powers to be used for either good or evil.

One night in the kingdom of Gregoria, twin princesses were born with a promise for power. Dawn was light and happy, while her sister Adriana was dark and concealed, the complete opposite. Nevertheless, the two were the best of friends, their differences not doing anything to keep them apart.
On the girls' 16th birthday, they receive the power promised to them from birth: Dawn to control the day and light, Adriana to control the dark and night. With their newly granted power, they attend the kingdom's spring dance.
And they're forever changed.
Dawn meets Kabos, a boy who treats her like the princess she is. Adriana meets Skylar, a girl who shows her that friendship can heal any wound. But through secrets, lies, and betrayal, the girls realize that trust is something that should be earned, not given out freely. And they have to trust the right person...before it's too late.

Power in Numbers


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