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Theories of Insanity

The story of one girl's adventure through her dramatic freshman year of college.

"Based on" a true story

College is rough. It's a time for figuring out exactly who you are, what you want to do with the rest of your life, and who you want to be.

But for Morgan Kuns, it's also a time to find out that the people surrounding you can be completely and utterly insane.

A bright-eyed freshman at a university with strict regulations over 2,000 miles away from her hometown, Morgan has to quickly assimilate to a new life with new people, most of which are not the type of people you'd regularly want to associate with.

A collection of anecdotes and stories about one girl's freshman year at college, "Theories of Insanity" is pretty much full of tall tales that you simply couldn't make up.

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