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The story of two girls and the lengths they'll go to in order to keep their own secrets.

Kennedy Abrams is everything anyone would ever want to be at Clemson University: smart, funny, gorgeous, and friends with everyone. Rebecca Eaves is quieter, less social, and just trying to scrape by with her 16 credit hours and working 38 hours a week at the local grocery store. Together, the two make Drew Parley: a social media influencer using Kennedy as her face and Rebecca as her manager. As far as Drew's followers are concerned, Kennedy Abrams and Rebecca Eaves don't exist.

But fame and the need to keep their true identities secret start to take their toll, and what started as a fun experiment turns into something dangerous--something that both girls are willing to risk their lives and freedom for. After a fateful night hundreds of miles from their home, both girls realize they have a lot more riding on this secret account than they realized...and there are people who are ready to use the account to expose the terrible things they've done.

Power in Numbers


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